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Bottle Sealing Wax

Bottle sealing wax is a fast-melting and hard-setting wax used to create a secure seal on bottled goods. It is ideal for protecting products from leaking or spilling, and also keeps air and bacteria out during storage. Bottle sealing wax can also help keep corks embedded during transport.


Dip bottles in the heated wax to create an air-tight seal. The wax can be stamped with a wax seal while it is still warm. Sealing wax creates a flexible seal that can easily be peeled off the bottle without cracking.

Carmel sealing wax protects a variety of bottled goods such as perfume, alcoholic beverages, syrups, and more.

  • Available in many colours and finishes.
  • Each pound of wax seals about 25-30 bottles.
  • Heat to 275-300℉ for best results.
  • Typically cools in about 30 minutes.
Carmel Industries