Oily Surface Paint Crayon

A crayon made of soft solid paint specially formulated for easy application and increased adherence. Ideal for marking on oily, cold surfaces such as cold rolled steel.

Surface Uses

Works great for any type of smooth or rough surface, including: Metal (aluminum sheets, stainless steel, copper, brass, galvanized metal), Wood, Particle board / MDF, Concrete, Stone, Plastic / PVC, Rubber, Glass, Canvas, Terracotta

Also marks on oily, wet, dirty or rusty surfaces.


  • Crayon size: 11/16” x 4 ¾” dia. (1.75 x 12.07 cm)
  • Applies clear lines of fresh paint
  • Surface temperature range 0F to 250F (-18C to 121C)
  • Crayon holder available

12/box, 12 boxes/case

Available colors:

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