Packaging / Corrugated Board Wax

Food packaging requires specially formulated waxes to achieve a variety of goals, including:

  • Heat-seal packaging
  • Create moisture barriers
  • Prevent contamination
  • Protect food products during transport and handling
  • Provide aesthetic appeal

Packaging wax is used in the treatment, coating, laminate and impregnation of primary food contact materials such as paper, board and aluminum – whether they are shaped into boxes, wrappers or any other type of container.

Carmel specially formulated packaging waxes

Our specially formulated packaging waxes lend properties to these materials which enhance their role as water, vapor, gas or odour barriers and improve the overall look of the packaging.

Traditional packaging waxes are based on paraffins, but Carmel has made significant improvements in the formulations of synthetic and natural waxes, enhancing performance and reducing the possibility of waxes migrating into the foods. Natural wax formulations include beeswax, carnauba and candelilla wax.

Carmel is at the forefront of the development and supply of both paraffin and natural based packaging waxes. In recent years we formulated a range of ‘standard’ products, but we are continuously improving the performance of our waxes.

Our expertise is at your disposal to develop waxes according to your specific requirements.

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