Produce & Garden Wax

Carmel produce and garden waxes are food grade specialty wax coatings designed to be used on produce surfaces, roots and plant stems. The wax is applied in a thin coating to protect the outer surface of produce, preserve the freshness of roots, and protect stems during transport and planting.

Produce Wax

A specially formulated wax which creates a flexible, pliable coating – unlike paraffin, which is hard and brittle. The outer surface and roots of coated produce are cut and peeled prior to cooking.

Garden Wax

Carmel garden wax is an adhesive and flexible wax designed to protect plant stems during transit. It is ideal for delicate plants such as rose bushes. The wax also seals nutrients into the plant prior to planting.

As a grafting wax, this specially formulated wax protects the plant from drying after cuts are made. Garden wax is superior for grafting versus other adhesive products due to its flexible, pliable, adhesion-promoting and water-resistant properties.

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