Mechanical Grease Pencil

Specialty mechanical pencil for holding soft greasy leads. The leads contained within the standard paper-wrapped grease pencils (China Markers) fit inside this holder. Removes the inconvenience of using the China marker (peeling back paper with a pull string to access china marker lead). These soft leads glide smoothly onto most surfaces.

  • Refill leads available in a variety of colours:
    • Silver lead: 4 11/16 inch (119.06 mm) Long X .092 inch (3 mm) Dia.
    • Red, black, orange, white & yellow lead: 4 inch long (101.6 mm) X .099 inch (3 mm) Dia.

Soft lead glides easily

Refillable with grease pencil leads

No-mess, no need for sharpening

Can be used to mark most surfaces.

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