Jewelry Wax

All purpose and best detail injection wax.

Jewelry wax is a specially designed wax used in the creation of jewelry pieces through the lost wax casting process. They are hard and designed to be carved, filed, sawn and polished.

The wax is used to make a model of the jewelry piece to be created. After the wax model of the piece is complete, it is covered with plaster investment and burnt away or “lost.” The void left behind from the melted wax is the mold for the molten metal when cast.

Using wax in this way has several advantages: the materials are less expensive and more forgiving – if a correction has to be made, more wax can be added. Jewelry wax also offers the advantage of flexibility in design, especially for fine or unique details.

Carmel jewelry wax offers high pattern detail, rapid solidification, minimal shrinkage, excellent flow and low ash content (.003%). Allows for the cleanest burnouts and most accurate reproductions possible. Designed for platinum, gold and silver, as well as industrial and dental alloys.

It also offers excellent flow and flexibility for injecting intricate molds and minimal shrinkage for injecting large molds. This wax has excellent memory, so it makes pattern reshaping unnecessary. Ideal for stone-in-place casting.

Injection temperature: 150°F (65°C).

Sold in 5 lb. boxes. Also sold in 50 lbs. boxes

Available in three different colours

Ruby Red, Aqua and Turquoise.

Carmel Industries